Health and Wellness in a busy life.


Program includes:

A 1-hour phone call zoom to access you challenges. 

A self-guided program with my guidance and support with plenty of written tools to guide you through at your own pace. 

  • Eating guide. 
  • Journaling guide in all aspects of your life.       
  • Lifestyle body and mind guide. 
  • Exciting and informative exercises at your own pace. 
  • An extra 1-hour call/zoom to recap your  results and celebrate your achievements.       


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Too busy to be healthy? If you’re super busy or just not ready for personal coaching yet but still want to get started on your Wellness  journey, this is the perfect program for you.

30 Days Whole Health and Wellness challenge is a self-guided program that you can do at your own pace. You’ll journey through the 5 steps of Wellness.

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