About Me

Embrace the journey of wellness – it’s not just about healing the body; it’s about nourishing the soul, reclaiming vitality, and crafting a life you love waking up to.

My Journey

As a trained Nurse I moved to Canada in 1980. In the UK I had always been very fit and healthy, we always ate very healthy, no junk food, no fast food outlets in my village.


From 1980 to 1985 I was a very active athlete, I was training for the iron man triathlon in Hawaii,(3.9 km swim, 180.2 km cycle, 42.2km run) I was ranked 14th woman in Canada. I also was a top player of squash. Work and fitness was my life.


March 1985 I was squashed by a 350 Ib patient and broke 2 vertebra in my upper back and pulled muscles all through my back. Major surgery done to upper back ( they had to take my heart and lung out ) to repair damage. ( Sports career over , and nursing too!)

I did a European naturopathy course from Germany in early 90,s , no one then was interested here as it was the super size time here in north America. I have always been a firm believer of herbs and natural products for health and being. When ever I can organic foods.


Changed careers , gift industry , then a buyer for Winners and Homesense , until forced retirement at 65.


In 2006 while in New York I was rear ended in a taxi cab, I broke 2 more vertebra in lower back, yet another surgery . I had a great 5 years until my spine started to break down even more. Then in 2016 my spine collapsed and a very severe surgery done, I had to learn to walk again. It was a very tough few months. I live in, chronic pain, but now under control, but I am now walking 5 to 10,000 steps a day, I always was full of energy and no weight problems.

Over the last 1 ½ years my life changed dramatically, I took myself off all drugs ( after the surgery the doctors put me on 7 different drugs and I had all the side effects, 45 lb weight gain) , easily lost all the weight, I ate an anti inflammatory diet, no dairy, and meat very rarely, no wheat, corn or soy. I have had a blast cooking so much vegetarian tasty foods. My arthritis has gone 99% away, my pain in my back so much better .I feel energized, my skin so soft.


Healthy eating has been so very important to me, over the years people have thought me crazy, as I have been so fussy over food. Keeping fit, walking, being outside for mental well being is so important to me.


Sleeping also was a problem, now with relaxation, herbs and natural oils, deep breathing and a strong routine I am sleeping well.

Back in April I started the Holistic health coach training , 360 approach to life, it was a very intense course and I absolutely loved it, it made so much sense to me. Now I am a certified Wellness Coach from the IAWP, specialize in nurturing comprehensive well-being through a natural approach to nutrition and lifestyle. With a passion for empowering individuals, I guide my clients towards creating a vibrant, sustainable lifestyle they eagerly embrace each day. Explore personalized pathways to wellness and awaken to a life you love waking up to , under Nikki’s expert guidance.

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