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Hello, I am Nikki Lichacz, As a Certified Wellness Coach from the IAWP, I specializes in nurturing comprehensive well-being through a natural approach to nutrition and lifestyle. With a passion for empowering individuals, I guides my clients towards creating a vibrant, sustainable lifestyle they eagerly embrace each day. Explore personalized pathways to wellness and awaken to a life you love waking up to, under Nikki’s expert guidance.

Professional Services

As your Wellness Coach, I will be supporting you with a program that is right for you. Choose from self-guided training, or work with me one on one for Personalized Support & Guidance.


Each person has a specific biochemistry, environment & lifestyle, I specialize in teaching you a nutritious, delicious, whole food diet, to eliminate inflammation.

Sleep, Relaxation & Rest

Lack of sleep, rest & relaxation severly affects all aspects of our life. I will guide you with the 360 approach, to improve the quality & time of sleep.

Chronic Pain | Inflammation | Arthritis

Chronic pain, inflammation and arthritis can cripple you on a daily basis, less mobility, poor sleep, poor dietary choices, brain fog.

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